Welcome to Capacity and Traffic Southern Africa!


Capacity and Traffic Southern Africa was established by the industry to facilitate regional and global telecommunications capacity and traffic interconnection business among the operators and carriers. The forum focuses its activities around relationships, processes, standards and best practices. 


The work  and gatherings allow sharing of latest knowledge, thinking and best practice by the Operators and Carriers. The following also provides a unique opportunity for operators  and carriers to meet face to face and regionally engage in work streams to tackle the burning issues of the day. 

The following are members of Southern Africa Telecommunications Association Members and have free access to CTSA. Non-Members pay participation and appearance fees for each event or gathering and the level of fees are determined by the CTSA Council.   


Industry Community, making a difference

CTSA is, and always has been, dedicated to the people who make up our industry community. Through meetings, events, digital spaces, and social networks, we offer multiple ways to:

  • Meet and learn from other professionals working or studying in your field.
  • Share the latest business processes, standards and industry best practices.
  • Form crucial peering arrangements.
  • Encourage discussions on  technical challenges faced by the industry community.
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations about what’s impacting your daily lives.
  • Form strategic business relationships, and friendships with like-minded peers.

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